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Book 10: The Gray Wolf Throne

Okay, so this is the last Seven Realms book available at the moment.  In a way, it’s good, because I feel like I need to read something different to keep from getting in a rut.  But it is also sad, because this has become a wonderful escape; Chima’s worldbuilding at this point is breath taking. 

According to Cinda Williams Chima’s website,, book four, The Crimson Crown is to be released fall of this year.  Can I get an email reminder or something when it arrives?  And this is the conclusion of the series.  Sad day. 

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Review: The Exiled Queen

Cinda Williams Chima

                Although I was frustrated with The Demon King, I was intrigued enough to need to purchase The Exiled Queen (which I promptly finished and bought The Gray Wolf Throne).  So whatever my thoughts are on the series, Chima is a great story teller that knows how to keep a reader going.

                The Exiled Queen is basically the reaction to The Demon King.  Honestly, these would have worked better whittled down and combined into one book, making the series a trilogy.  I still insist that each story should be able to stand on its own, but since both stories have been published and I was able to read one right after the other, I should really just stop whining. 

                Again, I am enthralled with Chima’s style: low frills, no nonsense, never purple.  It really appeals to my straight forward thinking and desire for action rather than exposition.  Her world is much better, much more believable in this book.  And I am pretty blown away by how she has drawn me in and built this world by delivering just the right amount of detail.  I never felt that she added too much detail- a rarity for the fantasy genre!  She still occasionally has the character ask questions for her reader, but the further I read, the less it happens.

                The characters in this book are more solid, more real to me.  Raisa is definitely more likeable, now having had to face real life outside of the castle.  Her character arc is coming along quite nicely.  Han is still my favorite, since I am always a sucker for a good anti-hero.  Even secondary characters like Dancer and Cat are fleshed out better.  I do wish, though, that Chima had further developed the “elder guide” characters, such as Jemson and Magret.  Instead, she has almost completely removed them in this novel. 

                The theme is much more focused in this book, mainly on the divided and changeable nature of people.  Much better- and easier reading- than the author trying to make a statement on a variety of subjects.  I am a bit concerned, however, that in the more minor theme of romance/relationships, her characters seem very free with their bodies- not the best message to send to the younger readers of this series.  It’s also a good way to get VD.  The statement not overt or anything, which is why I didn’t mention it in The Demon King Review, but still… no thanks. 

                Overall, I truly enjoyed this book.  It was an overall improvement to the series and a fantastic second installment.


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Book 9: The Exiled Queen

By Cinda Williams Chima

I had to see what happened.  And despite my complaints about the first book, I do really like Chima’s writing style and voice, so I will push on with this series!  The story line and character arcs are promising; I only wish that it was all in one book since it is all one story.

Also, Barnes and Noble only had the first and third books of the series, so I now have yet another collection of books partially in hard copies and partially as nook books.  Oh well. 

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